This post contains a list of anime I watched in the past, prior to the 31th of October 2015. For a continuously updated version, check my myanimelist page here.

I like anime. I watch some. Definitely not enough.

So today I have two questions:
> is there such thing as “enough anime”?
> do you have any suggestion on what to watch next?

Keep reading to see the list of anime I watched.


moving the blog…?

I have been planning to change some stuff in this blog for some time now.

Some of my old posts already disappeared because the cringe was over 9000, and I just want to start over for no special reason.

So I’ll be getting a new website soon, I think, and changing some setups and shiz. I don’t even know what I’ll do with it, maybe add a url shortener or a file host, idk. We’ll see.

From now (November 30th, 2015) I won’t post any updates on this blog.

boobai, you will be missed :’C


Things I’d like to do

There’s always been a few things I wanted to do before death. Especially, there are three that still stay in my “todo list” right now.

  1. skydiving
  2. getting a tattoo
  3. dye my hair with an unnatural color

And that’s all.

Maybe next summer I can get my hair dyed cyan, and a tattoo. Maybe.


Just wanted to say it 😛


I got hak’t!

So, I’ll try to keep it short. Somehow someone got the password to this website. Luckily all they did was change the theme to a white one and change the header to a random stock picture of a girl eating a sandwich (for some reason).

Even the password was still the same, so I was able to revert everything to normal and change password.

I changed every password I use on other websites too, since some of the passwords were the same as the one I had on this (that got discovered).

Everything should be fine now. Back to try to get to 1000pp in osu!

  • GV

“fuckin’ weeaboo nerd”

So, today I came back to the big city once again, for a few more driving lessons. I had to take the three hour bus ride, which like last time, I didn’t like.

Anyway, during the ride, I was listening to some anime openings with my headphones, and I started using the phone, which has a Madoka Magica wallpaper, and a SAO-style homescreen.

I stopped the music and got a text, that played my notification sound (Mayushii’s “tutturu”).

And I heard it, from behind me. In English, despite almost nobody here talking any English at any time of the day.

“fuckin’ weeaboo nerd” – and I laughed so hard I almost fainted.


They may have thought I’m crazy and/or stupid. Maybe they’re right. But I had never been called a “fuckin’ weeaboo nerd” before. In English. IN REALITY.