Not Enough Meh-ney

My last update has been about me wanting to buy the New Nintendo 3DS XL – TLoZ: Majora’s Mask edition, but recenty there has been some problem that made me lower the chances of getting one from 15% to 5%.

My mom says I still have the same 15% chance, but I’m not sure about that. My 18th birthday is closer and closer and now it’s only two weeks away.

I was planning on releasing Space Dodger yesterday but I discovered there’s some loading issues and it won’t load any resource.
Now I’m planning to convert/port it to Game Maker, because I can’t find out why the hell java doesn’t load the resources.

Sure, my uncle gave me 10€ today, but I may need to use them in school. Also that’s just enough to buy the charger/ac adapter.

So, 229.98 € to go!


QUICK UPDATE: Alright, I had to spend some of the money. Now I have 5 euros and I thik I’ll use them in school for food. Also, the chances (for me) dropped to 0 (zero).  I don’t even feel like I’ll get it anymore. Maybe I will, maybe mom still things I have a good chance, but even with birthday money I probably won’t reach the goal, plus I’ll have to use some of that money to pay other required things.

Dammit real life.

But yeah, I actually started converting/porting Space Dodger to Game Maker: Studio, and I’m almost done. Everything’s here, even if I still have to add bombs and packs. I plan on adding a “next wave in 3… 2… 1…” thing, and an always-on-screen wave counter. I have also unlocked the lasers’ direction, so the bomb explosion pattern will look even better.

I plan on adding different wave types and a new wave spawning effect (like an “energy load” before the things actually spawn). This way the player can eventually memorize the bullet pattern based on the loading of the wave and prepare for it.

I also had the feeling of making the asteroids solid and deadly, but meh… I don’t think that’ll be a good thing. Also, I’m planning to unlock the asteroid rotation, too. So they’ll look better. And a main menu. I want to add a main menu.

But these are all extra things, and I don’t know if they’ll make it to the *first* release.

I also want to convert the basic GVEgine classes to work as an Applet, so it could work on html pages (aka INTERNET GAMES YAY!). Note that this is not HTML5. It’s still Java. but on a web page.

I’ll probably be much more lazy tomorrow. Which means all of this will probably be scratched. But hey, I’m writing this because I tend to forget the “late evening ideas” during the night. And not on purpose.

My brain just forgets. DAMMIT BRAIN.


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