Meh-by Meh-nough Meh-ney…?

Meh. I like how it sounds.

As you may know I want to buy the New Nintendo 3DS XL The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask golden edition, and I’ve already expressed my dislike towards the huge, gigantic name.

But some day ago something happened and the chances of buying it that I had estimated at 15% dropped down to 0.

Which is when I wrote the blog post Not Enough Meh-ney. But things have chanced a lot in something like 2 days.

I am NOT going to write what happened as it is a personal thing, nor am I going to say that I will buy the 3DS, and I’ll tell you why in a second.

Basically what happened is that some money arrived from some places. Nothing illegal, don’t worry. But we could fix some little debts we had going on here and there.

There may still be something spreaded in our as red as infra-red bank account, but that’s not the point.

Soon (the 15th) will be my 18th birthday and that means MOAR MEH-NEY! It also means family party, but that’s not the point either. *this is obviously a joke, for those who don’t have any sense of humor*

Well then: I may have meh-nough (which is *enough*, if you still didn’t get the joke) meh-ney (money, you anti-joke piece of cake!).


But why am I not that optimistic? Because I’m this way by nature. I am highly optimistic for everything, except when it’s something related to me. In that case I have a black aura of darkness and depression that inverts the polarity of my brain, so I become one of the most pessimistic people on the face of earth.

So, here are some made-up statistics.


Mom says I have a 90% chance of getting the game *right now*, and she’s sure I will be able to buy it with the money from the birthday.

Dad doesn’t even know that I want to buy it, and telling him will probably result in me raging to my room.

I giv myself a 20-25% chance right now, and a 40-45% chance with birthday money. And I think that’s “shooting high”.

And “shooting high” is how we here like to call “high bets”, which shortly means: that might happen if I’m very lucky.

Also, I released my new game Space Dodger yesterday! CHECK IT OUT!


And yeah. Nothing else to say.


BEAM ME UP SCO-oh, sorry, I already used this outro…





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