Space Dodger

Space Dodger has been released! Here, I got a Game Jolt page for it: LINK.

It’s also on Indie DB: ZELDA.

And here’s a screenshot! YAY!

Note: this game was originally planned as a test for my custom game engine made in Java, GVEngine. But when I found problems with the resource loading, I had to port the game to GameMaker: Studio.

Sure, GM is still a great engine and it’s MUCH more solid than my GVEngine, but I still wanted to make it in it because I currently don’t have enough money to buy extra GameMaker modules such as Android, HTML5 or other exports.

So, building it with a custom engine in java allowed for more portability.

This basically means that I’m still planning to port the game back to a newer, Applet-based version of GVEngine, even if it’s not the main project in the near future, for me.

Well then, I guess I’ll take a little break now?


I feel weird… almost like when I want to make a game but I don’t have any ideas for it… which is an extremely rare situation for me 😀



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