Why I became scared of TeleTubbies

Today I started remembering all the (kinda) good animes I watched when I was young, after I saw a picture of Akira and I remembered of watching a few episodes of it, too. Because yes, I watched things that were not DragonBall.

Ai Shite Knight, Captain Tsubasa, and a lot more. But then mom remembered me that I used to like Tom & Jerry, and… TeleTubbies.


I remember liking it until a certain episode. I think I also tweeted about this before, but I’m not sure.

So, the thing is: we didn’t have that much things to watch when I was 3. There was no Cartoon Network in my house, so I had to check some random toons.

I loved Tom & Jerry, which is probably one of the reasons for my uncontrollable sudden rage explosions. But I also liked the TeleTubbies.

I loved that scary smiling baby sun.

But one day everything changed. You know, TeleTubbies are humanoid creatures with TVs stuck in their bellies (and the tv sections were those I hated the most because I got to see real people, which of course I didn’t want).

Back to why I got scared: I used to think they were human-sized. I used to think the TeleTubbies couldn’t be bigger than me.

But I saw an episode where one of them (I think it was the red one, which is the smallest one, too!) was searching for something.

I think he was searching his ball (hahahah funny but scary as f*ck). So he went behind the trees, and he was TALLER THAN THEM.

Of course my brain didn’t think “the trees are small”. I mean, if I have to say something is that trees in real life are huge, so that would be the size in the show too.

I was scared. I turned off the tv without saying a word. My parents didn’t know why, and didn’t even ask.

I was stuck in a NOPE state for days. Mom was like “wanna watch cartoons” and my brain was like “NOPE”.

When I first tweeted about this, I searched for their height, and they actually aren’t that tall. So, the trees were very small.

Still, my brain compared them to real life trees.


No more smiling baby sun for me.

– GV


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