This post contains a list of anime I watched in the past, prior to the 31th of October 2015. For a continuously updated version, check my myanimelist page here.

I like anime. I watch some. Definitely not enough.

So today I have two questions:
> is there such thing as “enough anime”?
> do you have any suggestion on what to watch next?

So here’s a list of anime I watched in the past.

Note that I posted about most of these in previous updates. Also note that most of these are just *some* of the anime I watched. I can’t remember everything. For some of these I watched only a few episodes even if I liked them enough to keep me interested, and others I just don’t remember even if mom says I loved them as a kid.

> DragonBall (all the serie + some movies)
> Captain Tsubasa (basically my childhood together with DB)
> Attacker YOU! (I didn’t really like it but I was 8, so…)
> Heidi, Girl of the Alps (again, when I was very young)
> Sailor Moon (well… I don’t remember it. But again, mom says I loved it)
> * Ai Shite Knight (known in Italy as Kiss Me Licia. I was VERY young for this one, and mom says I liked it. I don’t remember anything but the intro)
> Inazuma Eleven (around two years ago, watched some episodes, I kinda enjoyed it)
> Galaktic Football (f*ck yeah alien soccer! Around four years ago.)
> * Akira (watched two or three episodes, I liked it, but the tv stopped showing them.)
> * Death Note (watched something like ten episodes, it was cool but I didn’t have time for anime that period.)
> * FullMetal Alchemist (I think I saw two or three episodes and I liked it, but again, I had no time)
> Wakfu (I watched all the series twice, and started watching the sequel/prequel thing but the TV channel stopped showing the episodes. I’m talking about the one with the monster-thing telling stories, Dofus: The Treasures of Kerubim.)
> Capeta (this is probably one of the few anime I watched fully even if I was young. Other anime I watched recently was full too, like Eureka Seven and Freedom Project)
> Avatar: The Last Airbender (in Italy “La Leggenda Di Aang” – “The Legend Of Aang”. I liked it quite a lot, but I think I lost some key episode, because some things didn’t really make sense to me. I’d like to see The Legend Of Korra, which is the sequel.)
> Gundam (apparently, when I was 3 and didn’t understand a single word of Italian because I learned it when I entered elementary school, I liked this. Mom said.)
> * UFO Robot Grendizer (just like Gundam, I remember NOTHING about it. Known as UFO Robot Goldrake in Italy)
> * Space Pirate Captain Harlock (same for this. But I watched the movie recently and I liked it. The idea is cool)
> Lupin series (I LOVED these as a kid. I still reember some of the episodes, and this with DragonBall and Captain Tsubasa are the only anime I watched during my childhood that didn’t get completely deleted by my “brain crash” six years ago)
> Doraemon (I LOVED this when I was very young. I still like watching a few of the episodes now and then.)
> Case Closed (known as Detective Conan in Italy, I loved this when I was 10. I still like some of the episodes.)
> Freedom Project (seen recently after I got into actually watching anime as a thing to do daily. Pretty cool, also NOODLES EVERYWHERE)
> Eureka Seven (dear lord this one has been an experience. I loved it. I strongly suggest watching it)
> Sword Art Online (just finished watching it, it’s great. It’s an experience, just like Eureka Seven. Again, it went very close to making me cry multiple times, just like E7. Go watch it now, it’s great)
> Sword Art Online 2 (the sequel, just finished this one too. This was majestic. Go watch it, after the first season of course!)
> Madoka Magica (this was amazing. a bit complicated, and it kept surprising and throwing new stuff at me at the speed at which is explained more, which is a thing I LOVE in anime, movies, books etc. definitely a must watch. UPDATE: after watching the movies, I don’t feel like keeping a top-5 anymore.)
> Steins;Gate (another amazing anime. One of my favourites. And together with madoka’s movies, the reason why I’m not going to keep a top-5 anymore. They’re all good).
> Owari no Seraph (this was very good. Not the best ever, but very good indeed. It’s in my top 10, the one I’m not taking anymore, in fact the positions are very mixed. Highly suggested.)
> Attack On Titan (this was pretty cool. I didn’t extremely love it, but it was very very good. suggested, like almost all the other anime in my list 😛 )
> Non Non Biyori (so, after getting this suggested in an osu! twitch stream a few times, I watched it and I really liked it, even if I’m not really into life anime. Very relaxed and calm, suggested.)

I’m looking forward to find the anime I don’t remember, especially those with an asterisk (*) near the name. And I’ll also try watch those you tell me about.

Note that my connection isn’t majestic, so I may have problems. But hey, I wanna watch anime! I like anime, I even wanted to be a mangaka/animator when I was 10 😀

Another thing I wanted to say is that I always liked animated anime-style movies. I don’t even know if they have an actual name, but I think I knew how they are called (again, I forgot lots of things after my “crash”).

I’m talking Totoro/Howl’s Moving Castle. I did love Howl’s Moving Castle and recently I watched and liked Ponyo and Steamboy. I’m planning to watch Totoro soon (I think I already watched it but I don’t remember).

I remember watching a few more “anime movies” but again, my crash didn’t keep the memories in a good state and I remember very few details about them.

Suggestions for this kind of movies are welcome too!

Waiting for suggestions…

PS: I’ll update this post now and then when I remember something I watched.

> 26th of April 2015: Added Capeta.
> 6th of May 2015: Added Sword Art Online.
> 16th of May 2015: Added Sword Art Online 2.
> 19th of May 2015: Added Avatar: The Last Airbender.
> 15th of June, 2015: Added Madoka Magica.
> 25th of June, 2015: Added Steins;Gate.
> 29th of June, 2015: Added Doraemon.
> 1st of July, 2015: Added Case Closed.
> 3rd of July, 2015: Added Sailor Moon.
> 9th of July, 2015: Added Owari no Seraph.
> 12th of October, 2015: Added Attack On Titan.
> 30th of October, 2015: Added Non Non Biyori + stopped writing down anime here (there’s a myanimelist page now :D).


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