SAO Is Great!

As you may know, I’ve watched SAO this last few days. I completed the first season in around five days. It’s that great, it made me cry multiple times, and if you know me, that’s a sign that it’s good.

So, here’s some note on the experience.

Just like with Eureka Seven, I had different theories and reactions to a lot of the events in the anime. And just like E7, I had to try my best to not tweet about it.

Fortunately, with E7 I had much more theories, and so I resisted without spoiling anything.

Now, every anime has his little flaus. Eureka Seven explained NOTHING of what was going on until much later in the series. In fact, even when it ended, there’s still some things that haven’t been explained. Like for example… SPOILER. (hover on spoilers for some seconds to se them)

In fact, when I got over the first two Acperience episodes and got into the Acid Dance part of Eureka Seven, I was shocked and had no idea of what was going on.

So, SAO has a similar flaw, but it’s a bit different. What I mean is that some things just happen for no reason. I’m looking at you, episode 4.

Things went a bit too fast. But that get’s fixed with the second arc (after ep.14). What I mean is that two years of game take place in around eight episodes, then it starts to slow down, and by the end, well, things happen.

Sure, with the second arc we get a week in 10 episodes, and that’s approximately a good speed for me. I liked the second arc too, yes, even if somebody told me I could get disappointed from it. I don’t see why, really.

People told me it’s “romance done right”. Yes it is. People told me it’s “one of the greatest animes ever”. Yes it is. They told me a lot of good things, and they were all right.

Now, the most curious part is… how I got to watch this?

Well, I was on youtube, watching a Markiplier video… or maybe it was Jack Septic Eye, I don’t really remember. As usual, after watching the video, I went to the comments to leave my 2 cents, and I saw a guy with an aqua-haired girl as an avatar.

The haircut was very similar to Eureka’s third cut in Eureka Seven, even if it looked like a more “wild” version, kind of. I probably can’t explain that well enough 😛 she also had similar hair-thingies.

But the thing is, she had aqua eyes too, while Eureka has purple eyes. So I google-searched it, and found out it was a character from an anime called Sword Art Online. Specifically, from the second season (that I still haven’t watched). She’s Sinon.

So I started watching the first season, and I was immediately hooked up.

Now, I know some little details about the second season, because srfing the internet without getting spoilers is impossible, but it’s something very small. It’s that SPOILER.

I’m planning to watch the second season too, soon, if I find the Italian dub. It’s weird how at first I would have preferred the English dub, but then I got used to us Italians’ weird way of voice-acting 😛

So, SAO is a great anime, I strongly suggest watching it. It skyrocketed to my top-five as soon as I watched episode three, and I was crying by ep.5, so you know it’s good.

Now go, and don’t forget to log out… *evil laugh*
– GV


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