Madoka Magica + my top 5 favourite anime

Okay. This was confusing. And also amazing.

There was science, there was magic, there were aliens, cats, witches, and probably drugs too.

This anime is a must watch. Check it, you won’t regret.

And now, my top 5 favourite anime because why not.

Here we go.

1> DragonBall: (fights/superpowers) it’s been my childhood. I have grown up watching this. and I still love it no matter what.
2> Sword Art Online: (love/virtual reality/life) this has skyrocketed in my lists as soon as I started watching it. It would have been first if DragonBall wasn’t my whole childhood.
3> Madoka Magica: (magic/life) I’m not usually into majokko anime (where there are witches), but this one was great. Definitely an anime I’d suggest.
4> Sword Art Online 2: (fights/virtual reality/life) let’s face it, the second season was good, yes, but not as good as the first one. Sure, I cried more in the Mother’s Rosario episode than in the whole first season, but that’s unrelated.
5> Eureka Seven: (love/war) don’t ask me how acid dance music survived until the year 10000, but… just watch this anime, it’s amazing.

That said, if you reallly want to watch some beautiful anime and still haven’t seen any, but you don’t want to start with the super-famous anti-hipster stuff like Attack on Titan, you can check those above, or the list of anime I watched in the past, which is far longer than I expected it to be.

Now go and enjoy.
– GV


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