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This is me. Now.

I’m at the PC every hour, every day, every week.

I see you when you comment. So, don’t be rude.

About me?

I don’t want to tell too much. I want to stay a bit anonymous, but I probably won’t – ya know, government and sheez.

I’m just an Italian indie game developer (a lot of people use this description, and apparently 90% of them is a script kiddie of games 😛 ).

I live in Sardinia, but I don’t want to tell you where.

Apart of this, I use a lot Game Maker, because GML is an easy to understand but still a very powerful programming language.

Sorry if my English is not perfect, I keep learning and trying to get better, but you know: nobody is perfect 😛

You can check my twitter (@GVmakesGames) but I don’t follow the logic xD

I also have a Youtube Channel, but I don’t post very much videos.

Also, you can find me on the GMC (Game Maker Community): GVmakesGames
I usually post a lot at the GMC, because I started to learn GML here, then I subscribed, and I’m trying to help other people learning GML.

And now, I also have a Newgrounds account! HOORAY! And Steam!

I hope you like this blog.

– GV


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