custom css theme for betterdiscord

NOTE: you NEED BetterDiscord for this to work.

You can download BetterDiscord from here.

1. Download this file. (right click>save as)

2. Put the file in %appdata%\BetterDiscord\Themes

3. Open it with a text editor (notepad should be fine).

4. On the 13th line (background-image:url(“”) !important;) replace the imgur url with the one of a picture you want. Other websites are fine too.

5. Make sure that the link is https, because normal http links don’t work. You can change it with puush or imgur, shouldn’t make a difference.

6. Go to back to Discord and press CTRL+R (or just restart Discord).

7. Go to your Settings>BetterDiscord>Themes and check the checkbox near DarkMatter (GV’s Edit) (like this)


Tutorial by GVmG, original theme by CosmicSalad.