No More Anime Top 5

After watching Madoka Magica, I wrote a top-5 of my favourtie anime.

After watching the movies, I felt like keeping a top five with all the awesone anime I watch would be much more difficult than I expected, nyan.

After finishing Steins;Gate (which is incredibly good and you should watch it), today, I know it will be impossible.

So, my top-5 is now not valid, nyan!
– GV

Also, you may notice a bit more nyan than usual today: it’s Faris’ fault.


life scars

like I said a few days ago, life was breaking again.

but again, it’s getting better, and it fixes itself, leaving a few scars behind.

nothing to worry about, anyway. no more problems, for now 🙂

-GV and Life Is Weird

No, I’m not talking about the game where everybody is shipping characters around. My real life, the one in the outside world, is VERY messed up right now.

But that’s not the main point of this post: I GOT AN ASK.FM PAGE NOW!

You can ask me stuff, so here you go: – GV.


SAO Is Great!

As you may know, I’ve watched SAO this last few days. I completed the first season in around five days. It’s that great, it made me cry multiple times, and if you know me, that’s a sign that it’s good.

So, here’s some note on the experience.
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